My Barbarian Broadsheet 2016

Broadsheet for My Barbarian exhibition at the New Museum. Folded: 16.5 x 22.75" Flat: 33 x 22.75" web-fed one colour offset.

Lobby Card 2016

4/4 printed leaflet featuring information on current New Museum exhibitions and upcoming events.

Song, Strategy, Sign Broadsheet 2016

Broadsheet for Beatriz Santiago Muñoz's exhibition at the New Museum: Song, Strategy, Sign. Folded: 16.5 x 22.75" Flat: 33 x 22.75" sheet-fed two colour offset.

A Pot for a Latch Broadsheet 2016

Broadsheet for Pia Camil's exhibition at the New Museum: A Pot for a Latch. Folded: 9 x 12" Flat: 24 x 36" sheet-fed four colour offset.

Membership Calendar 2016

New Museum calendar of member events. Folded: 4 x 6" Flat: 8 x 6" Two colour sheet-fed offset.

Public Beta 2016

New Inc event description and participant bios. Newspaper distributed during the 2 weekened event.

Croissant Buch 2016

A book about a shape and its failure to retain a definition. printed at a residency at the Ventriloquist Press in Oslo, Norway.

Alexander Girard Tokyo 2015

Bookmark for the Alexander Girard exhibition at the Herman Miller Tokyo store. Designed with Emily Anderson. Four colour digital.

Thesis Book 2014

Constant Calibration; Never Not Testing. Yale MFA thesis. 192 pages, Black and White Laser and Risograph. 6 signatures, sewn binding, edition of 11.

Condensed Matter 2014

Identity and printed promotional material for 'Condensed Matter' the 2014 two part MFA Painting/Printmaking show at Yale University. Broadsheet poster: 33 x 22.75" two-colour web offset. Postcard: 5 x 7" two colour screenprint on grey matboard.

Urs Lehni and Lex Trub Workshop Poster 2014

Mini poster for Urs Lehni and Lex Trub riso workshop. Poster draws visual cues from a bb gun target, re-designed for a 'print evaluation sheet' with revised copy written around the theme of trapping. In addition to a Riso project; we also created 8' tall wood block prints during the workshop.

Make You Feel Some Kind of Way 2013

An anthology of compiled writings on the art historical concept of Aura. The book features uncoated and coated signatures, black and white laser and Riso text pages. Cover screenprinted in one colour on black paper with three additional riso colours overprinted. Designed and produced while enrolled in Julian Bittners Typography and Context course. Edition of five.

Side Out 2013

Double sided Risograph take-away poems in collaboration with Keith J. Varadi and Eric Amling for an exhibition at Primetime, Brooklyn.

Screen Printing Information Handout 2013

Handouts given away at the screen printing demonstration. Shop rules and where to purchase supplies. 8.5 x 11" two colour Risograph.

Pre-Press-Prep 2013/2016

Riso calibration sheet designed to test the limits of our new machine. Features gradiation tests, trapping diagrams, overprinting and opacity charts, LPI samples, type size and stroke width tests. 11 x 17" 7 colour risograph.

A second test sheet was printed in Oslo, Norway at the 2016 Ventriloquist Summer School. This second run featured fluorescent orange in the place of red, and metallic gold substituting in for flat gold.

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