ANRT 2021

Poster for presentation at the Atelier national de recherche typographique, March 2022. Poster printed at Lézard Graphique in Brumath, FR. Photographs by Juliette Lefèvre.

Stand Up 2021

Banner, poster and booklet for Stand Up – an exhibition of ENSAD Nancy's incubator at Gallery 0001. Nancy, FR.

Babastutz EPs 2019–2020

4 EP series designed for Babstutz from 2019–2021. Lausanne, Switzerland.

on fait un skate 2020

Poster campaign to promote the organization of online games of S.K.A.T.E. to work within the quaratine rules in Lausanne, Switzerland over the lockdown period. 2 colour sérigraphie by Uldry.

Exhibited at Kunsthalle Luzern for Serigraphy an exhibition at Weltformat 2020 showcasing Uldry's lineage of screenprinted posters.

Never-Not-Testing / Pre-Press-Prep 2013–2019 (...)

Test made at Le Bureau Culturel Vaud, Lausanne, CH.

Test made at VCU Qatar in 10 colours on a Riso EZ 590U

Continuation of risograph tests at the Jan Van Eyck Academie with Jo Frenken. JvE #1, Initial test with 19 colours on the Riso 1070E in the Charles Nypels Lab. Paper: Munken Lynx and Colorplan Smoke Grey.
After the initial test there were a few things discovered that could be improved upon. In addition I was interested to test the grain touch screening in the RIP of the Riso, as I planned to employ this setting for Awnings.

JvE #2. Fruit rack Top left: faux cymk. Other Fruit racks: drawn separations with flo green, orange, yellow, bright red; different screening settings made in photoshop.

Shown at Parallax (2019) Curated by Artun Alaska Arasli, a group show about a dichotomy of “frontness” and “backness”. Parallax is the apparent position of an object, or the displacement or the difference of it, as it is viewed from two different lines of sight. The show aims to literally highlight certain elements that deal with seemingness, hiddenness, object overlaps; this would correlate metaphorically into the notion of the remembrance, hindsight, reflection; an exploration of various definitions of a vantage point.

A second test sheet was printed at the 2016 Ventriloquist Summer School. A graphic design summer school/press ran by João Doria and Kristina Ketola Bore. Shown here on the first day of the summer school on the window of 1857 in Oslo. Paper: Munken Lynx.

2013 (Not Pictured)
Riso calibration sheet designed to test the limits of our new machine (Yale School of Art, New Haven, CT 2013). Features gradation tests, trapping diagrams, overprinting and opacity charts, LPI samples, type size and stroke width tests. 11 x 17" 7 colour risograph. Paper: tbh some copy paper.

Porcupine 2018

Exhibition identity for Porcupine curated by Artun Alaska Arasli at the Jan van Eyck Academie

letters 2019

Drawings in progress ; type design made during the second semester of the ECAL MATD program. Professors: François Rappo, Marie Lusa, Kai Bernau, Radim Pesko, Matthieu Cortat, NORM. 288 pages.

Awnings 2018

Book published at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, NL. Printed and bound with Jo Frenken in the Charles Nypels lab. Photographs taken from 2014–2018 in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, NYC. Essay by Jordan Hruska.

Shown at UNFOLD, the 2018 Shanghai Art Book Fair in an exhibition curated by Jo Frenken.

Selected for Tokyo TDC Vol.30

Selected for De Best Verzorgde Boeken 2018

My Barbarian Broadsheet 2016

Broadsheet for the My Barbarian exhibition at the New Museum. Web-fed one colour offset at Linco Printing. Folded: 16.5 x 22.75" Flat: 33 x 22.75"

Untitled 2014

Produced with Urs Lehni & Lex Trüb at a large-scale woodblock printing workshop for the Yale graphic design dept. 3 colours, 1.5 x 2.2 m print. Edition of 5. Photograph: Mon ami, Eric Petschek 2016.

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